Ganahl Lumber Provides Toys 4 Smiles with an Endless Supply of Scrap Hardwood
February 21, 2015
MGM Food & Beverage Division
May 6, 2015

Red Robin Restaurant Drops in to Make Toys

Toys 4 Smiles got a call from Melissa, the team leader for the Red Robin restaurant in Downtown Summerlin. “Our volunteer day project fell through at the last minute. We would love to help you!” After one phone call we invited them down the next morning, for a fun time at the toy shop! Thanks to all the volunteers for welcoming them and making their volunteer experience a great event!


  1. Chuck Hahn says:

    These corporate groups are always welcome, and having the corporations encouraging it, shows how our local businesses are great backing the Toys 4 Smiles Mission and Vision!

  2. Chuck Hahn says:

    These people from Red Robin were awesome. It’s always cool to have folks like this volunteer some time…

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