Ganahl Lumber Provides Toys 4 Smiles with an Endless Supply of Scrap Hardwood
February 21, 2015

Caesar’s Entertainment Helps Make Smiles

Toys 4 Smiles was proud to have 30 members of the leadership team from Caesars Entertainment spend four days, in June, with us making toys. (Smiles)

They know what it takes to get the job done. Some came in suits, dresses and spiked heels. That did not stop any of them from sanding toys! :- ) A testimony from a great organization.

Here are comments Eileen Moore, Regional President and GM at Caesars Entertainment, Inc., put in their newsletter.

Last week, in support of our HERO commitment to volunteer at least 14 hours in 2014 and make our local community a vibrant place to live and work, I invited our leadership team of 30 managers to spend the afternoon with me and the founder of the non-profit charitable foundation Toys 4 Smiles, Rex Doty.

We spent the day learning, and then hand-crafting scrap wood into safe trucks, busses and car toys for local children in need. Rex delivers these toys to our fire department, police department, hospitals and local schools for distribution.

It was a worthwhile and rewarding experience knowing that we would be able to make thousands of local kids smile when they need it most!  I highly encourage and recommend this organization to anyone who volunteers or, anyone who is looking to volunteer their time to consider this organization. Rex invites everyone to the workshop who wants to learn more about Toys 4 Smiles and/or is willing to help create these gifts for children of any age. I am also pleased to share that The Quad recently donated a pallet of wood to the workshop!

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