Thanks from Las Vegas Metro PD

Judge Sullivan Letter 1
December 11, 2015

Thanks from Las Vegas Metro PD

Once again I would like to thank you for sharing your toys with us. We were able to get many smiles for the toys this past weekend.

The City of Las Vegas and Halle Hewetson partnered up to paint murals on the school. This event was a success due to the volunteers that showed up to assist, many of those were children.

We took the time to hand out your amazing toys, which many of the children were grateful to receive. They began to play with them immediately, even some of the parents were amazed, and wanted a wooden toy. They were all amazed to see handcrafted toys.

The joy and gratitude that was given to us due to your wonderful donation is amazing. Your program continues to bring smiles to the faces of children in the downtown area of command.

Your donation is truly allowing us to accomplish our goal to be partners with the community. I have attached a few pictures, and once again thank you for allowing us the privilege to bring a smile to the people in the community.