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Charla & Jim Glimp

Charla and Jim Glimp are regular volunteers, at Toys 4 Smiles shop, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. After raising their family and finishing their working careers, the Glimps started volunteering to help local children in need.

Their dedication almost became a second career. But they have spare time and spend a lot of weekends volunteering for an off road racing promoter.

Charla & James Glimp are as close to being native Nevadans as you will find.

This story begins in 1943 when Jim moved from Texas with his family because his father suffered from asthma and they hoped the drier climate would be better for him. At the time, Jim’s dad and mother worked for Merle Emery who ran fishing camps on the river at Temple Bar, Eldorado Canyon and Willow Beach.

Charla moved with her family from California when she was three. While growing up, Charla had her own horse which was stabled nearby and so she was active competing in local equestrian events.

It was fate that one summer when Charla and her girlfriends were down at the river water skiing that she met Jim who used to spend a lot of time on the river due to the family’s business. It must have been love at first sight because Jim could be seen parked out in front of Charla’s house for the next 30 days. Their courtship had to be delayed because after the meeting, Jim shipped out for a year of overseas service.

But shortly after returning, the couple were married. Jim went to work for NCR where he spent 34 years. After retiring from there, he went to work for the Community College of Southern Nevada eventually becoming the facility supervisor for the West Charleston campus. Jim always had a passion for off-roading because he started volunteering for an off-track promoter, Casey Folks of Best in the Desert, in 1985. Charla worked at the College of Southern Nevada starting out as a clerk typist and eventually becoming a Contract Purchasing Manager at UNLV after the purchasing departments of UNLV and the college were combined. She worked there 28 years. During this time, they had two sons who live with their families in Las Vegas.

Charla and Jim both retired on the same day, July 1 2005. They became very active volunteering with the local off-road racing group. Jim helps mark the course. During the race, they would get in their off-road vehicle and help those that broke-down or worse yet were injured – acting nurse Charla would bandage / splint them up and they would transport them back to the medical area. But that was on the weekends.

For a couple that had worked all their lives, it was hard not to be working. Charla found her calling when she went to Spirit Therapies which provides therapeutic horseback riding for special needs children. Spirit Therapies' riders represent a wide range of ages and disabilities. She loved to be able to work with children, be outdoors, and be around horses as she had been while growing up. It became a full-time activity as Charla helped with everything associated with Spirit. She solicited donations, wrote the newsletter, did advertising, trained horses, cleaned stalls, whatever it took. Jim joined her and did everything around the stable – maintenance, cleaning, again whatever it took to keep Spirit operating.

By 2013 it was becoming hard for Charla because of her arthritis. She had met Rex Doty when he came by with a box of toys for the children at Spirit Therapies. Jim and Charla eventually both came to Toys 4 Smiles. For the last couple of years, they have been regular volunteers on the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon shift.

Charla suggested that Toys 4 Smiles was a perfect place for people who have retired. She stated that ‘retired people need to be active’ and not turn into couch potatoes. During your working career, you have lots of friends / acquaintances that you see every day and together with your own family, you are busy. After retirement, you don’t have that, and Toys 4 Smiles provides a place for you to stay busy, contribute to a worth-while cause, and along the way meet some very nice people.

Thank you Charla and Jim for what you both do for Toys 4 Smiles.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Charles 'Bud' Lamkin

Congratulations to Bud, and his wife, Sue, as they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary September 10, 2015.

In July 2015, Bud also celebrated the 9th anniversary as a founding member of Toys 4 Smiles.

Bud has been using tools and building things since he was a young boy growing up in southern California. Not only has his marriage stood the test of time, Bud's love for working with wood still keeps him coming to the Toys 4 Smiles shop regularly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the morning shift.

Read more of the 'love' story below.

Bud and Sue grew up in Southern California, and after Bud spent a year in the army, they were married on September 10, 1950 and moved to Palm Springs where their two daughters were born and raised. So we are all wishing them both a happy 65th anniversary.

After moving to Palm Springs, Bud’s father went into the wood business. He took his Model A flatbed truck and collected wood which he would cut up and sell as firewood. Bud then worked as an apprentice carpenter for a contractor, and later for his son. Feeling the entrepreneurial urge, Bud obtained his contractor’s license and setup his own business in the mid 60’s which continued for next 14 years or so. He then became semi-retired although he still built for friends.

When his cousin bought a piece of land in Montana, Bud followed and helped build his house. Liking the area, Bud and Sue bought five acres next door and built themselves a house. Over the next few years, Bud continued building houses and even hangars as the subdivision had a private air strip. One of his customers bought and sold airplanes so Bud trades building a hangar for a Cessna 172 single engine plane resulting in Bud becoming a private pilot.

Learn more about how Bud and Sue started helping children during their travels.

The So California couple did not like the Montana winters much so they would travel to the Oregon coast in their 5th wheeler for the winters. During their stay there, they began working with other members of the RV park for Christmas for Kids cause. These people would go around to local garage sales and collect clothing, toys, bicycles, etc. and store the collected materials until the fall when they would have a massive garage sale raising anywhere from $8,000 to as much as $16,000. Working with a local group in town, they identified 100 or more deserving children and as the holidays neared they would ask these families what their children wanted for Christmas. They negotiated a 10% discount at Walmart, and as the holidays neared the group armed with their shopping list would go to Walmart. They would then put the bicycles and toys together, wrap them up with name on them, and on Christmas Eve the group would personally deliver the requested toys to the families.

Eventually they sold the Montana property and bought a lot in Florence, OR on the Oregon coast. Not being your normal new home buyer, Bud had a clause in the contract that he had to help build the home (at no cost to the selling contractor). After eight years in the new home, Bud and Sue decided that it was time to settle closer to where their daughters lived in Las Vegas. So in 2003, they bought a house in Sun City Summerlin – this become the first and only house that they lived in that Bud had not personally built. Bud had to store all his tools that he had collected over the years as Sun City rules prevented having a shop in the garage.

Being always a builder, Bud met Rex Doty and three others, and they started building toys to be given away to children. These five guys had modest goals of building 500 per year but that soon grew. They were making them in their garage, on the kitchen table, wherever. Bud’s son-in-law had a large lot so Bud built a shop at the back of the property which became fondly known as “The Farm”. Bud moved his tools to the Farm, and they were off to make more toys. They moved operations to the farm and continued to make toys there for the first five years. Next came the shop on Polaris.

Bud loves to work, and continues to volunteer three days a week on the morning shift with Rex and two other founding members. This group celebrated their 9th anniversary since starting to make toys up in Sun City.

Yes, Bud has slowed down a bit so now he can enjoy time with his daughters who now also live in Sun City and his two granddaughters and two great granddaughters.

Thanks Bud for all that you do for Toys 4 Smiles and the children in need of a smile.