Ganahl Lumber Provides Toys 4 Smiles with an Endless Supply of Scrap Hardwood

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Ganahl Lumber Provides Toys 4 Smiles with an Endless Supply of Scrap Hardwood

Toys 4 Smiles’ greatest fear always was running out of wood and not being able to continue making toys. If wood was not available, Toys 4 Smiles would have to close down operations.

Then a new chapter was written. Rex was at an event and talked to Mike Fisk. He mentioned that a friend had a lumber mill in Southern California (Ganahl Lumber) and might be a good contact for scrap hardwood.

Rex contacted Deonn DeFord at Ganahl Lumber in Anaheim. After a 5 minute conversation, Deonn said they would be happy to help us! They had 14 pallets of scrap hardwood. My neighbor, Dennis and I got in his truck and drove to Anaheim and got the first load and it cost $135.00 for fuel alone. Thought it was over.

Nope not so fast, along comes Ed Garcia of Peterman Lumber, Las Vegas, who agreed to bring the Ganahl scrap wood from the Peterman Lumber Fontana facility to Las Vegas! Great news! Except that Ganahl Lumber and Peterman Lumber facilities were still 40 miles apart.

Summerlin Lions contacted Fontana, CA Lions and Dale & Nancy Cole and Jon & Sheila Casteel stepped up to truck the wood between the two facilities! So our problem of running out of scrap hardwood is gone for some time!

If in the area, please support Ganahl Lumber and Peterman Lumber. Even if you are not buying, stop in and thank them for supporting Toys 4 Smiles, and allowing us to continue to put smiles on the faces of deserving children of all ages.


Some of you may remember the days when we made deals and thanked people with a handshake! : ) Rex still believes that! Rex says I am not into high fives, knuckle touch or elbow bumps. That is why he and two carloads of volunteers made a day trip out to Anaheim to personally thank Ganahl Lumber. Then on to Fontana to thank Peterman Lumber.

They were amazed that we would do that, but not nearly amazed as we are for what they do for us! (Lump in my throat) The whole day made me glad I am “Old Fashioned”.

Thanks to all who have donated wood in the past that allowed us to get to this point. None of this happened by accident. :- )

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